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We’re the leaders in holistic pest control and cleaning management in Trivandrum. Our experience combined with our information in this area of interest makes us vital.

Asian Pest Control is an enterprise dedicated to imparting you with powerful,hoslistic, transparent and less costly cleaning and pest control services proper to the doorstep.Based in Thiruvanathapuram and owning a group of experienced and professional employees, we are here to make your lives higher by eliminating all eliminating all undesirable objects and creatures that are present in your houses and workplaces.

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Our task is to result in a change for your homes/workplaces – making them natural environments.

Our Services

Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life

Ants & Rats Control

Pests like ants are recognized for their biting and stinging dispositions which may bring about painful outcomes for the humans. It is particularly critical to get ants' treatment

Lizard Control

The lizards even though do no longer cause lots damage to human health, it is able to cause nuisances via crawling into the meals stuff and contaminate it.

Termite Control

Asian Pest Control is to avail cost-effective Termite control services all over India. we're a team of professionals who focuses on termite controlling. Termites can go undetected for long

Mosquito & Cockroach Control

We offer wonderful Mosquito & Cockroach manage offerings to offer general remedy to the clients. Mosquitoes are the biggest pest risk. Their ability to breed anywhere during the

Commercial Pest Control

We offer business Pest manipulate offerings for the following:- schools & colleges, expert office buildings, Warehouses & garage centers, manufacturing facilities, Retail & branch shops, shops & buying

Residential Pest Control

Pests are more than an embarrassing headache, they can be a serious danger to your house and family. No matter how easy the home, undesirable invaders will discover

We use latest technologies…

The Asian Pest Control is continuously gaining knowledge of new technologies and merchandise in an effort to enhance the way we save you and control pests.